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Thank you for considering Spencerhill Associates for your work! Please read our agent's wish lists below and determine who is the best fit for your manuscript. We ask you only query ONE agent. If that agent feels your work may be more suitable for another at our firm, we will share it with them. Therefore, a response from one agent should be considered a response from all agents. We do welcome authors to query us again with new work. And please note, we only accept submissions through Query Manager, links below (no email, or paper submission sent through the mail).

Nalini Akolekar

Nalini is interested in commercial fiction, historical fiction, romance, suspense, and horror. Think Emily Henry, Taylor Jenkins Reid, Ali Hazelwood, and Laura Dave. She enjoys humor in all genres so long as it is appropriate to the topic. She also loves suspense with lots of twists and fully developed characters. Her goal is to expand into non-fiction in addition to all the wonderful fiction she gets to represent.


She wants to work with authors who are anxious to grow and learn by being open to suggestions on their work.  Please be patient as her TBR pile is quite large.

Click here to query Nalini Akolekar

Sandy Harding

Sandy is seeking engaging upmarket and commercial fiction for the adult market. She enjoys crime fiction of all sorts (mysteries, including cozies, historical and traditional, suspense, and thrillers), upmarket fiction (historical and contemporary), book club reads (both commercial and more literary), romantic comedies and contemporary romance.

She’s drawn to works with complicated protagonists, multiple POV’s, and diverse voices. She loves to learn through reading—be it about history, the outdoors, or the mind. And she loves books about books, libraries, and readers. Most of all, she seeks writing with a voice so penetrating and a story so captivating the reader simply must keep reading.

Click here to query Sandy Harding

Ali Herring

Ali is acquiring middle grade and young adult fiction in all genres, and adult fiction in a limited number of genres. In kidlit, she is especially interested in contemporary fiction, age-appropriate horror, sci-fi, speculative, dystopian, fantasy, mystery and romance. She's open to a MG romance in the vein of Carols and Crushes, and in YA romance, she's interested in everything from rom-coms, to sci-fi romance, to vampires, paranormal, etc. She loves a fast-moving commercial project, but has a soft spot for upmarket fiction where the hook and pacing are strong, but the writing tips a little more literary (especially in MG).


In adult fiction, Ali's interested in contemporary, horror (not gross-out), sci-fi, speculative, fantasy, dystopian, thrillers, suspense, romance and women's fiction, and as a Georgia-native, would love to see more southern fiction. She prefers women's fiction with an element like suspense or adventure that makes it stand out, romance in every iteration, and Christian fiction. In the Christian market, she's looking for women's fiction and single-title romance, and single-title and category romance written for lines like Harlequin, Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense. She's always seeking new, diverse voices. She's typically not the best fit for historical romance, high heat and never erotica. She shies away from animal protagonists and Amish romance, and is not acquiring non-fiction, memoir, graphic novels, picture books, young kidlit, Christian kidlit, or seeking illustrators. 

Ali Herring is currently closed to queries

Bethany Hendrix

Bethany is looking for middle grade and young adult fiction in all genres, as well as adult romance. She would love to see all types of fantasy, but especially diverse worlds from underrepresented voices, historical fantasy/alternate history, gothic/spooky/horror/and thrillers, and rom coms. In adult, she is interested in romance, especially rom coms and historical romance, as well as fantasy. She also loves romance with a dash of magic. She loves voicey writing and worlds that hook you in.

Click here to query Bethany

Heather Osborn

Heather is interested in representing works of popular fiction, mainly concentrated on romance of all genres and sub-genres other than inspirational—with a particular interest in romantasy (and if there are dragons, all the better!), humorous contemporary romance, and paranormal romance—as well as fantasy (particularly cozy fantasy), urban fantasy, and science fiction with strong romantic elements.

Click here to query Heather

Karen Solem is no longer accepting clients. 

Please note: We receive thousands of submissions a year and each query receives our attention. Please be patient with us as we give your work the attention it deserves.

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